I would do anything for love…? – 1 John 4:21 | 2-minute daily bible meditation


Are we able to follow the commandment in 1 John 4:21, to love our brothers and sisters?

1 John 4:21
And this commandmen… (visit YouTube for more)


1 John chapter 4 verse 21. And this commandment we have from him, whoever loves God must also love his brother.

And I think that to a certain point we’re with John when he says this. And this commandment we have from him, whoever loves God, uh huh, uh huh, must also, yeah, yeah, yeah, love his brother. Oh no, not that. Anything but that. Do I have to love my brother?

Well, yes. Because the principle of love God is universal. It is not selective. We by nature, we who are evil, like to be selective in the love that we give to one another, but God demands this: that we emulate him. He is all loving. He loves everyone.

loves God must also love his brother and his sister. And who do we mean by brothers and sisters? Well, frankly, everyone and especially the family of God. That’s what the Apostle John would be saying: especially the family of God.

When God sent his Son, it wasn’t so that Jesus would save a select few nice people. God sent his Son to save everybody who would believe in him, regardless of what personality characteristics they may have, antisocial or otherwise.

God says, love them. Love them all. I love them all. I want you to.

This is very, very hard for us, isn’t it? We need his help with this as with everything else. So let’s pray.

Lord God, thank you for your love towards us. It has been so bountiful. Please help us then to share that love with everyone, to be gracious to the others as you are gracious to us. Thank you, God. We need your help in this. Amen.

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