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I have been interested in computing for most of my life. Qualified in law, computer science, enterprise architecture and security, I practised law for ten years, dealing with private client law and charity law. I managed the I.T. for my firm for the duration of my career, before moving into a formal I.T. position in 2006.

As my career progressed, my focus increasingly shifted to information security and compliance. In May 2017, I qualified as a CISSP, and in September 2019, I became a Certified ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer. For more, see my LinkedIn profile.

My first novel, Insensate, was published in 2006. I retain fond hopes of writing sequels. For the time being however, as a parent of disabled adult children, my life is already quite full!

I rarely post here – aides memoire mainly and the odd thing that interests me. Comments are very welcome. Due to excessive spamming, comments enter a moderation queue and require approval before they appear on the website.

I’m also a fan of photography, shooting mainly with a Canon EOS 60D and a variety of lenses. Occasionally, the results appear on Instagram.

Full disclosure: there are some affiliate and advertising links on this site and if you follow those links, I may receive a small commission on any sales – but this doesn’t affect the prices you’ll see. Any funds received this way help to pay the costs of hosting this site and domain.

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