Be careful adopting IoT – seriously

IoT device cloud

Those who know me well have probably heard me grumbling about IoT devices – things like Nest, Google Homehub, Amazon Echo, etc. 🙂 That’s for a very good reason – you are surrendering your privacy and opening your home up to potential cyber invasion.

There’s a lot of technobable in the following articles, but the short versions are that there was a major security breach in relation to Samsung’s smart devices. And a particular model of D-Link webcam was so badly designed that it was possible to intercept the video stream without the owner’s knowledge. These kinds of thing are becoming increasingly prevalent. These two articles are from the last week alone.

Please think very carefully before you bring these devices into your home. Is convenience worth the associated risk?

Samsung private GitLab tokens exposed including source code, credentials, secret keys

Man-in-the-Middle vulnerabilities in D-Link cameras