Humans – no big deal! – Isaiah 2:22 | 2-minute meditation


Meditating on Isaiah 2:22 helps us to keep people – and ourselves – in perspective.

Isaiah 2:22
Stop regarding man
in w… (visit YouTube for more)


Let’s see what you make of today’s meditation, which is on Isaiah chapter 2, verse 22. Stop regarding man in whose nostrils is breath, for of what account is he?

It kind of makes me smile because we’re saying, "Oh, man, big deal!" And am I a big deal? Is any man a big deal? Don’t look up to people more than you look up to God. I think that’s what Isaiah is saying here.

We can’t look up to people more than we look up to God because, and there’s a clue here in this verse, in whose nostrils is breath. Where does breath come from? Look back in Genesis. One of the first things that God does is breathe breath, the breath of life into humans after making them. So let’s stay humble because the very breath in our body comes from God.

And also, let’s not deify other people. Let’s not have idols because their breath also comes from God.

It is good, but difficult to remain humble. God wants us to be humble. He wants us to know our place. And we don’t like that. Our pride rises. We don’t want to know our place, do we? We want to think of ourselves as something great.

And God has made us great. He’s made us in his image. And that’s enough for us. But let’s not regard. Let’s not revere. Let’s not adore too much. Let’s not idolise man. Because the breath in their bodies came from God. God is the source of everything.

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