Unshakeable Faith: Praise Beyond Circumstances #christianmeditation #biblemeditation #biblestudy


Finding Strength in Praising God Amidst Life’s Challenges

No matter our feelings or circumstances, praising God remains… (visit YouTube for more)


Regardless of how we’re feeling, regardless of our circumstances, we can praise God. And sometimes we just need to tell ourselves that. Whether or not we’re feeling it, praising God is good for us. It’s our natural condition to be worshipping our Creator. And He gives us every reason to praise Him, even though sometimes in the day to day we forget that.

What does our eternal future look like? Joy. Eternal blessings. Constant fellowship with God. Beautiful relationships with our brothers and sisters.

And so we say to our downcast souls, we recognise the turmoil, but yet, hope in God. Praise Him. Come back to your reason for living, your whole reason for existence.

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