Ready for the Lord’s return – Matthew 24:42 | 2-minute daily bible meditation


In this episode, we delve into Matthew 24:42 where Jesus urges us to stay vigilant for God’s coming. Through a military … (visit YouTube for more)


Matthew 24, verse 42, Jesus is speaking. " Therefore, stay awake, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming."

Imagine there’s a squadron of soldiers and they’re basically battle ready. They’ve done all their drills, their training, they’ve kept their kit clean, their clothes are washed and pressed, they are ready to go into battle whenever they’re called.

And the squadron is called for battle. Except Soldier Bob, he’s not quite ready. There are creases in his uniform. He’s not cleaned and oiled his gun. His bed’s not made.

And so when the call goes out to this squadron, Soldier Bob is messing around with these things. He’s making sure that his uniform’s ready. He’s got to be presentable for battle. He makes his bed and then he leaves. But the troop carrier has already gone without him. And Bob’s going to miss the battle.

And you might think, well that’s great because Bob’s then going to be safe, he misses the battle. But no, Bob has missed his entire purpose for existence. He is a soldier and he wasn’t ready.

Are we like that in the church? Are we making sure that we are ready for whatever God has for us to do? Have we dug into his word to make sure that we are fully trained? Have we spoken to God and said, Lord, turn me into the person you want me to be, so I am ready to do what you have me to do. We don’t know what day God is coming and we don’t know what day he is going to send us out into the field and say, "Now’s the time. Off you go."

Lord God, I know you are so gracious to us and yet you do wish us to be obedient children who are alert and attentive and ready for you. We want your gospel to be proclaimed. We want lives to be saved. And we want you to be glorified, oh God. Amen.

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