Unveiling the Practical Wisdom of the Bible: A Journey to Humility


Embracing Humility: Lessons from the Bible

In this episode, we delve into the spiritual and practical wisdom of the Bib… (visit YouTube for more)


Do we take a rebuke to our Father in heaven and say, God, is this right about me? Have I gone wrong somewhere? Do I need to change? Can you help me?

The Bible is a very, very practical book, isn’t it? It’s spiritual, it’s mystical, but it’s also so practical. There’s such wisdom in here- Dunning-Kruger thousands of years before its time, showing us how to be humble.

Lord God, thank you that you train us, that you instruct us. Thank you that you lead us into better understanding of you, into greater humility, knowing that we can never be as wise as our God.

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