Who can live up to this? – James 4:17 | 2-minute daily bible meditation


It isn’t enough to resist sin, says James 4:17. We also must do good.

James 4:17
So whoever knows the right thing to do… (visit YouTube for more)


James chapter 4 verse 17. So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.

We don’t sin, so we don’t lie, we don’t steal, we don’t commit adultery, we don’t murder. But then this verse goes further, it shows that the gospel goes further. It’s not only about the things we don’t do, it’s also about not failing to do the things that we should do, if you follow that.

We know, instinctively, and because of all that we’ve been taught, that there are many good things that we should do. In the Bible, for example: don’t fail to practice hospitality, give alms to the poor, look after the widows and the helpless.

We know the right things to do, and we can’t simply cruise through life avoiding sinning and think that that’s enough. Because the standard, God’s righteousness, is so much higher than that. We are here to produce good in the world.

We cannot meet God’s impossible standard. That’s why it was so essential for Jesus to come and die for us. To bridge that gap between what we can do and what He expects, what His righteousness, His glory, His holiness demands.

Those of us that feel like we’re doing okay, this should make us pause. We must not fall into the trap of self-righteousness. There is no such thing for us. The only way to righteousness is to surrender our will to Christ.

Lord God, we know that we cannot in our own strength be righteous. Please help us, therefore, to surrender to you and to please you in all we think and say and do, and please forgive us once more when we fail to live up to your standards. You are so good to us. Amen.

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