God is already working – Isaiah 61:11 | 2-minute daily bible meditation


In Isaiah 61:11, we hear of the fertile work God is doing on this earth.

Isaiah 61:11
For as the earth brings forth its… (visit YouTube for more)


Isaiah chapter 61, verse 11 says: For as the earth brings forth its sprouts, and as a garden causes what is sown in it to sprout up, so the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to sprout up before all the nations.

Generally speaking, if you plant things in the right place in the garden, they will grow. And all you do is plant the seed and depending on your climate, the water comes and the plant takes the nutrient out of the soil, and it grows.

We just plant and then this growth happens naturally. And that’s the image that we get of righteousness and praise that’s going to rise up before all nations. God has been planting that righteousness and praise throughout time. The work of the cross leads to righteousness and our gratitude causes us to respond in praise. This is the natural process. It’s already begun.

And of course, we are heading towards such a time of joy and delight as Jesus returns, as the full kingdom of God is ushered in. This righteousness and praise will grow. It naturally happens because God is planting that in us.

And it’s not us, it is not our work that causes the righteousness and praise to grow. That’s the work of God. We have our parts to play. We do not suppress the righteousness. We deny ourselves. We let go of sin and we turn in thankfulness towards our maker. But the Lord God is causing righteousness and praise to grow, to be seen by all nations. He’s doing it. We are grateful for it.

Lord God, may your kingdom come on this earth. May your will be done. We want to see your rule and reign extend across this globe. Let righteousness be the dominating principle that governs everyone’s lives. And may we turn to praise you, our God, as you have promised. Amen.

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