Do you feel dry? – Psalm 143:6 | 2-minute daily bible meditation


In Psalm 143:6, the Psalmist knows what it’s like to feel dry and far from God.

Psalm 143:6
I stretch out my hands to y… (visit YouTube for more)


Let’s meditate on Psalm 143 verse 6. I stretch out my hands to you, my soul thirsts for you, like a parched land, Selah.

This is a verse in the middle of a Psalm where the Psalmist is crying out to God. Feeling beaten by enemies, by circumstances.

And one of the results here, is that the Psalmist feels dry, feels like God’s not even to be found. The Psalmist stretches out hands to God, reaches for God, with a thirsty soul. Do we ever feel like that? Do we ever feel like we just need God to soak us?

Sometimes we get so thirsty that we don’t even notice we’re thirsty anymore. If we take stock and realise that we haven’t felt that soaking presence of God in a long time, it is time to stretch out our hands to God, to tell Him our souls thirst for Him, like a parched land, like a land that is baked so hard that the water when it comes just bounces off the surface. And there seems to be no fruit.

If this is you right now, let me pray for you.

Lord God, you know that sometimes we do feel so dry. We almost feel abandoned, even though we know God, you won’t ever leave us. You never forsake us.

And yet God, this is how we feel with thirsty souls. I pray now for those listening who are feeling like that, that you will help them to stretch out their hands and that you in turn, Lord, will stretch out yours and pour out your Spirit and your blessing on my brothers and sisters. Amen.

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