Can these bones live? – Ezekiel 37:3 | 2-minute daily bible meditation


In Ezekiel 37:3, we see an archetypal incident where God, who knows everything, asks a believer a question.

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Let’s meditate on Ezekiel chapter 37 verse 3 and learn a real lesson from Ezekiel. And he said to me, "Son of man, can these bones live?" And I answered, "Oh Lord God, you know."

Ezekiel is being a smart cookie here. Now we know, because we’ve got the rest of the chapter, that Ezekiel prophesies over the bones and they spring to life. But at the point that God said to him, "Can these bones live?" what must have been going through his mind?

Uh, no. Bones don’t come back to life. This is our entire experience, our whole lives. People have not been coming back from the dead, God. You know this.

But instead, he just completely defers to his Lord. He says, Oh Lord God, you are exalted. You are higher than all. I recognise that you are the motivating power in this universe. So, if anyone knows the answer to that question, it’s you.

What a great example for us in our entire lives, not just in our interactions with God, but also in our interactions with each other. How often do I think, because of my experience, that I know a certain thing, that my understanding of a situation is correct, only to be humiliated when I’m proven wrong.

Far better would it be to say, well, let’s find out together. But of course, when it comes to our interactions with God, whatever question God asks of us, He knows the true answer. He does test us to see if we are putting our faith in Him. And that testing is a form of discipline to lead us into greater reliance on Him.

But let us be humble in our dealings with God and in our dealings with each other. Can these bones live? O Lord God. You know.

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