He is not a tame God – Luke 1:49 | 2-minute meditation


Mary’s prayer in Luke 1:49 sets an excellent example to us, for the way we should approach God.

Luke 1:49
for he who is… (visit YouTube for more)


We’re meditating today on Luke chapter 1, verse 49, and this is in the middle of Mary’s prayer, the Magnificat: for he who is mighty and has done great things for me, and holy is his name.

So we’re talking about God. Mary’s talking about God as she’s recognising that he is mighty. So she comes first from a position of humility, knowing that God is glorious.

But then she says, He’s done great things for me. This is a mighty, infinite, all powerful God who has done a great thing for her.

And you can hear this sense that she’s asking, how is it possible that someone so great, someone so vast would even notice me? And yet that is what God is like. He notices us. He considers us.

And then she goes on to say, and holy is his name. The Bible has a lot to say about names, and they’re clearly important. One of the most important words to us is our own name. If someone calls our name from across a crowded room, we instantly tune into it.

The name of God, whether you call him God or Yahweh or Jehovah, that name is precious to us. It is holy. It’s to be revered. It’s not to be used lightly. We should not be saying, like the world does, Oh my… It’s not good. God’s name is holy. We respect the name as we respect him.

And Mary’s encapsulated all of this and more in her prayer of thanks and of worship. It’s good to be reminded that God is worthy of worship. It’s good to be reminded that he notices and takes care of us. And it’s good to be reminded that he is mighty.

We worship you, God, for who you are.

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