Avoid false teachers – Romans 16:17 | 2-minute meditation


Meditating on Romans 16:17-18 can bring us up sharp. Are we listening to divisive teaching?

Romans 16:17-18
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Romans 16 verse 17. I appeal to you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them.

Paul is very clear about what is sound doctrine. He was well instructed and he met Jesus and so he knew which was the right way to walk in. But nevertheless, he arrived in an environment where there were lots and lots of contradictory worldviews.

And that was not only amongst the unsaved, but also among the saved. Schisms opened up in the church and they continue to this day. There are those who will cause division, will create obstacles to our faith by teaching things that aren’t true, but that sound true.

Paul goes on in the next verse to talk about how they flatter, how they have smooth talk. And surely, here on YouTube, there will be channel after channel containing smooth talk and flattery and things that tickle our ears. People who teach that the Bible says we have a right to be ourselves, who we are.

And that sounds great, until you realise that the only right we have is to be killed by God for our sin. And yet he turns us into the likeness of Christ. And that is the only person we should be like.

So we take heed of what Paul says in this verse. Watch out for this. Be on your guard. Be on your guard from what I say . The only truth that is 100 percent reliable is the truth in the Bible.

Be wise, be discerning. And if you feel neither wise nor discerning, ask God for wisdom and discernment, because he gives generously, without finding fault.

Lord God, please help us then to be wise and discerning, to follow right and sound doctrine, to avoid false teaching. Lord, please lead us into all truth. For the sake of the gospel. Amen.

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