God gives generously – Romans 8:32 | 2-minute meditation


In Romans 8:32, Paul doesn’t say that God will give us absolutely everything we ask for. But he does stress God’s unmatc… (visit YouTube for more)


God is extraordinarily generous with us. This is what Paul says in Romans chapter 8 verse 32. He who did not spare his own son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?

We have to be careful, don’t we, with verses like this. This is not a proof text for saying that we can have absolutely anything that we want. If we had God’s complete, omniscient knowledge, we would fully understand why He seems to answer some prayers, and not others. In my life I have asked God for things that I am absolutely sure would not have been good for me, had he given me what I asked for.

And yet Paul is talking about God’s incredible generosity. So, he uses the evidence that God gave us Jesus as proof that he will give us all things, amazing things. God chose the thing that was absolutely most precious to him, himself, in the form of his son; he gave Jesus to us.

God is gloriously generous, extravagantly generous. And we can rest assured that what he has for us is wonderful. Sometimes our life doesn’t seem wonderful, but we know that if you take our entire lives in context, and we include eternity in this, we are abundantly blessed beyond anything we can ask or imagine. Our lives in eternity are just going to be staggeringly wonderful.

He graciously gives us of himself. And we must receive with gratitude.

Thank you, God. You are so generous to us, your children. We don’t deserve it, but we thank you. Father God, thank you for blessing us. Amen.

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