Topsy turvy – Mark 9:35 | 2-minute meditation


We can count on Jesus to challenge our thinking. In Mark 9:35 he turns our ideas about ambition upside down.

Mark 9:35
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We have a recording of Jesus talking in Mark chapter 9 verse 35: And he sat down and called the twelve, and he said to them, "If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all!

The disciples have just been arguing among themselves, trying to decide who’s going to be greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

And Jesus is saying, guys, you’ve got it all wrong. That isn’t the way the kingdom of heaven works. We are servants of the most high God. We are his children, yes, but we are also his servants. And as obedient children, as obedient servants, we long to do his will. And his will is what takes the highest priority in our lives.

And this strikes at our heart motivation. Why do we do whatever we do? Do we do it for recognition? Do we do it for status? Do we do it to acquire things? Jesus is saying, no, your motivation must be a servant heart, a desire to serve your maker, out of love and appreciation of what he’s done for us. He’s given us everything, and he’s given us a way to live eternally by accepting Jesus.

So, there’s no room for pride or arrogance here. What we must do is lay down our desires and our hopes and our aspirations and say, God, I choose your way. I choose your methods. I will listen to you and I will follow you.

And ultimately, whether we’re made first or last, that’s not the point. The point is that we desire to serve our Maker out of love for Him.

So let’s not worry about rank or recognition. It’s simply enough for us to be called and chosen and loved by God.

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