King, everywhere – Zechariah 14:9 | 2-minute meditation


Zechariah 14:9 reminds us of the future, when all will be made right.

Zechariah 14:9
And the LORD will be king over all… (visit YouTube for more)


Today we’re going to meditate on Zechariah 14 verse 9. And the Lord will be king over all the earth. On that day, the Lord will be one and his name, one.

As we go through an ordeal as a family, seeing one of our twins breathe his last on this earth, people say of us, you seem to have strength, how can you endure this?

And the only answer that we can give is that we have hope. We don’t have our own strength. We know where we’re going. We know where Morgan’s going. And we know that we are safe.

We know why we’re safe: because our God, His kingdom is increasing. He will be king over all the earth. Not only in our hearts where He’s king right now.

And when God is king over all the earth, when every knee is bowing, then we will see him. We will see his glory. He will be the one true God for all.

There will be no idols, there will be no substitutes, there will be no competitors in anyone’s heart anymore. The Lord will be one and his name one. This is our hope.

We know that the best thing that could possibly happen will happen, in God’s good time. And we trust him for that.

Lord God, you are our king. And we look forward to your expanding kingship everywhere, all over the earth. You are amazing. Amen.

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