Aligned with his Word – Psalm 20:4 | 2-minute meditation


What a glorious blessing we find in Psalm 20:4!

Psalm 20:4
May he grant you your heart’s desire
and fulfill all your pl… (visit YouTube for more)


Psalm 20 is a wonderful hymn of benediction and blessing, and we’re going to meditate on verse 4 today. So this is Psalm 20, verse 4. May he grant you your heart’s desire and fulfil all your plans.

This is asking God to bless the person to whom this Psalm is addressed, granting them what they most want and causing to play out in reality the things that they’ve planned.

And I have to ask myself, Is that a good thing for me? My heart’s desires, are they pure? Are they worthy? The things that I’ve planned to do with my life. The things that I want to see happen in my family, in my job. Are these good? Are they the kind of things that I could really, truly expect God to fulfil?

So this is a challenge to us, isn’t it? To make sure that our desires and our thoughts are in line with the will of God. And if they are, then it is inevitable that he will grant them, that he will fulfil them.

And in this Psalm, where these verses are set, it talks about God accepting our offerings as well. And of course that was Old Testament physical offerings, but now our offering is our time, our worship, our lives. That’s what we offer to God.

May he accept your offerings. And my friends, may he grant you your heart’s desire and fulfil all your plans, but may also your heart’s desire and your plans line up with the Word of God. That’s what I ask for God for you and for me. Amen.

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