The daily STAB Prayer

Submit to the

(or at the Beginning of a task, project, year, etc.)

The STAB prayer is a simple formula, intended to anchor your focus on God at the beginning of the day. No prayer should become religious or formulaic, rather the STAB Prayer provides a framework or a reminder of how we can pray. Although it can never compete with the Lord’s Prayer, it can certainly complement it.

The structure, which you can use as an outline, is as follows:

Father, You are my God; I worship you.
Jesus, thank You for being my Saviour; be also my Lord.
Holy Spirit, fill me today; I need You.

First, we concentrate on the supremacy of God the Father, and give Him the worship He deserves.
Secondly, we remember with gratitude the salvation bought for us by Christ. But we don’t stop at accepting His salvation; we also submit to His lordship over our lives.
Thirdly, we look to the Holy Spirit, to fill us afresh and to guide us through the day.

Simple, but powerful.

This image is a simple encapsulation of the STAB Prayer. Why not print it out and put it somewhere where you’ll see it at the start of the day?

The STAB prayer

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