Are you a vase or a toilet? – James 3:10 | 2-minute daily bible meditation


The Power of Words: Reflecting on James 3:10

In this episode, we meditate on James 3:10 which teaches that from the sam… (visit YouTube for more)


Uh oh. James is on our case today. We’re meditating on James chapter 3, verse 10. From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I put my flowers in vases and I put other things in the toilet. Sorry to be base! We don’t mix those two things up. We don’t put flowers in the toilet and do you know what with a vase.

James says you have got a mouth that has been redeemed by God, and out of it is coming filth. Why? From the same mouth, you’ve got blessings, you’ve got spiritual things, you’ve got praise to God. But you’re also cursing, you’re swearing, you’re slandering, you’re gossiping, you are tearing people down, you’re speaking in rage, you’re ranting.

This shouldn’t be that way. We who have been redeemed, we who are being sanctified by the living God should be careful what passes through our mouths. We are now a vase. Just put flowers in it.

James says, we shouldn’t be flip flopping between good and bad. Jesus died for us. We have this vast array of wise teaching in the Bible. Let us be careful what we’re doing with our mouths, because words are powerful. Words can start wars or end them.

The Lord God and James are asking us to be measured, considerate, thoughtful, kind, loving, disciplined.

Oh Father, please help us. We don’t want to bring the gospel into disrepute. We don’t want to offend you. We want to be obedient to our loving Father. Lord, we commit to you that we are going to use our mouths for blessing, for love, for peace, for truth. In your name, God. Amen.

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