How’s your self-confidence? – Proverbs 16:2 | 2-minute meditation


In Proverbs 16:2, we see the real test of a person’s character.

Proverbs 16:2
All the ways of a man are pure in his own… (visit YouTube for more)


Proverbs 16 verse 2 says, All the ways of a man are pure in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the spirit.

So not everybody thinks of themselves as completely pure. We’ll set that aside. But many people think that they’re okay. They think that they are good. They think that they are a good and moral person.

And what does Proverbs think of this self examination? Well, not much. "But the Lord weighs the spirit."

It doesn’t matter what our actions are. It doesn’t matter if we give to charities. It doesn’t matter if we do good deeds. It doesn’t matter if we help everybody. Because what the Lord is going to do Is test our spirits, test the inward man to understand: are we pure?

Are we righteous? Are we redeemed? If we’re doing good things, are we doing them for a good reason? Or are we simply trying to curry favour with God?

The Lord weighs the spirit. He knows whether we are doing good deeds, whether we are saying good things because we are internally righteous.

And the only way to become righteous is to take on Christ’s righteousness. We can’t become righteous ourselves. We can’t become righteous by doing good things, by saying good things, by being nice people. It doesn’t work because we always fall down at some sinful hurdle.

But the great and good news is that because Jesus has bought for us his righteousness, all we need to do is lay our sin at his feet at the foot of the cross and say, God, forgive me and cleanse me.

And then when the Lord weighs our spirits, he will find that they are pure. But it wasn’t our doing. What great news that is. We take none of the credit, but we get all of the righteousness. That’s a pretty good deal.

Thank you, God, for this excellent good news. Amen.

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