Praying with confidence – 1 John 5:14 | 2-minute meditation


How can we be sure God hears us? Meditating on 1 John 5:14 inspires us to pray with confidence.

1 John 5:14
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1 John 5:14 says this. And this is the confidence that we have towards him, that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.

If we ask God what is in accordance with his will, he hears us. I wonder if this is something that we overlook in our prayers. You know, James says in his book that we don’t get because we ask for the wrong motives, that what we get we’ll spend on our pleasures.

Are we asking, in our prayers, when we bring a petition to the Lord, are we asking in accordance with His will? That’s a good question, isn’t it?

And how do we know whether or not we’re asking for what’s in accordance with His will? Well, we go back to the Word of God, don’t we, to understand what His will is.

And then we ask the Holy Spirit, who lives inside us, to reveal God’s will to us. And that way, our prayers can line up with God’s will for us.

And that has a wonderful impact on us. It changes our hearts, transforming our desires, making them pure. And it also means that because we are asking in accordance with God’s will, we know that God’s will will be done.

His kingdom will come and His will be done. If His Son, Jesus, prayed that and instructed us to pray it too, we can be sure that out of all our prayers, that’s going to be answered.

So we know that when we pray in accordance with God’s will, we can pray with confidence. And I encourage you at the end of this video to take some time meditating further on God’s will and ensuring that our prayer life lines up to that.

May God bless you today.

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