Fervent or slothful? – Romans 12:11 | 2-minute meditation (Bible verse)


Would you describe your church as passionate? Are you? Romans 12:11 poses this challenge. Romans 12:11 Do not be slothful … (visit YouTube for more)


How does God feel about lukewarm churches? Today’s meditation is on Romans 12 verse 11. Do not be slothful in zeal. Be fervent in spirit. Serve the Lord.

In this verse, Paul is stressing as much as he can the importance of having fire. In our hearts, fire in our bellies, passion for God. How do we get there? We don’t get there by working it up in ourselves. We don’t get there by letting others whip us up into a frenzy.

Being fervent in spirit takes hard work. Are we prepared – especially those of us in the comfortable West – are we prepared to put in the time and the effort required for us to walk out our faith? Paul says, don’t hold back, go for it!

What does it look like to be fervent in spirit? It must look something like being a stick of rock, that wherever that rock is sliced. The word ‘Jesus’ is seen throughout.

Are we serving the Lord? Are we zealous for him? These are questions we should ask ourselves, because the Bible asks it of us.

Lord God, may our passion be for you. Lord, bring the fire, please. Let us be on fire, zealous for you. We need transformation in this world. And only you, only your Holy Spirit, only the message of the cross can bring that. Amen.

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