SOLVED: Samsung Galaxy Note II stuck on Samsung logo

Samsung Galaxy Note IIThe Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7105). What a phone. “Too big!” you say? “I can’t see what the problem is,” I say.

Imagine my dismay then this morning, when I discovered my favourite gadget had rebooted itself (without my permission) and was sat on the animated Samsung logo, quietly glowing to itself, most pathetically. Every few seconds, the haptic motor clicked, like a feeble death rattle.

“Curtains”, I thought.

“Pull yourself together man!” I thought.

After removing the battery, rebooting and generally pleading for a reprieve failed to achieve any results, I took stock and started panicking about how many days it was since I last took a backup. A factory reset loomed.

With one last gasping hope I tried rebooting into safe mode. On the Note 2, from a powered off state, you keep the “volume down” button depressed while powering up. Also, keep the power button pressed until the Samsung logo appears.

To my great relief, the phone booted up in safe mode. I restarted the phone from there and it powered up normally. Next job: perform a backup!

Sadly, this won’t fix physical faults with your phone. Sorry if it doesn’t work for you.

Samsung Galaxy Note II image copyright © SamsungTomorrow, licensed under Creative Commons. Used with permission.

18 Replies to “SOLVED: Samsung Galaxy Note II stuck on Samsung logo”

        1. Nice. I’m torn between the Note 10.1 and the latest ASUS Transformer. You’ve got to think that the S-Pen is the thing that sets the Samsung tablet apart though.

  1. hi there ,so many thanks to you Rob!!!! what a great relief after idid what you said and… my phone came alive again !!! after 2 months that was first time my galaxy note 2 which i loved much hanged…

  2. You don’t know if the note 1 (for lack of better designation) has a similar safe mode feature as mine hangs on the glowing logo as well…

    1. Yes indeed and the procedure is similar. With the phone switched off, hold the power key switch on. Once you see the Samsung animated logo, hold the volume down key until you see the lock screen.

    1. If all else fails, install Samsung Kies. On the Tools menu, there’s an option “Emergency firmware recovery”. This will wipe your phone but it may also return it to a working state.

  3. i tried as u said but again its showing the startu logo….first started and then again showing up logo after a blink nothing happend as i left power button….help

    1. If all else fails, install Samsung Kies. On the Tools menu, there’s an option “Emergency firmware recovery”. This will wipe your phone but it may also return it to a working state.

      1. I did this to my phone (Samsung galaxy note 2) and when I press vol down it takes me to a download page that mentions custom download.. Do you know what to do from there? Also says Odin

        1. Your phone has previously been flashed with a custom boot loader (Odin). In other words, normal rules don’t apply, sorry.

  4. Hi, i was reading what you posted on how to fix it but my phone is still stuck on the logo. it randomly turned off and wont turn back on since. the only thing it shows is the logo and if it does disapear its for a split second where it turns pitch black and then comes back to the logo. Please help!

    1. Download Samsung Kies and use that to re-flash your firmware. I’m afraid you will have to factory wipe your phone.

  5. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH……i was just about to follow all i saw on youtube and all these other sites about odin and stock ROMs. I even downloaded them both and with one last desperate attempt to find a simpler way before proceeding, i stumbled upon this page. Thank you, you saved me from potentially worsening my situation 😀

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