Child-friendly TTF font/typeface

Quite some time ago, when my wife was a primary school teacher, she had need of a typeface that would not interfere with teaching. Many fonts installed on modern computers have features that can be confusing for young children. So I created “Child-friendly”:

Feel free to download and use as you wish, but do not charge for use or redistribution: Child-friendly.ttf

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  1. I have spent many years developing a educational tool to help pupils learn their tables. It’s a pack of cards with the question on one side and the clue to the answer on the other side. Essentially, for each question in the times tables I’ve got a picture with a caption and the caption rhymes with the answer to the question ( eg 6×7 = 42 so the caption is sporty shoe and the picture is a sports shoe.) You can self test – it uses the principle that it’s hard to memorise stacks of number connections and it’s much easier if there’s a memorable visual link.

    I’ve got qs in some of the captions ( like squirty.) I did notice that one child thought that a printed q was a p when they were trialled in schools. My daughter has found your most welcome font. I am getting packs of my cards printed so I am wondering if I can use your font? I am going to sell the packs for a bit more than it costs me to get them printed.

    I can send you a few examples of the pictures if you like.

    Gill Steiner

    1. Wow Gill, this sounds amazing. 🙂 I’m so glad that you’ve been able to use my typeface to clarify things for children. Best of luck with sales!

      It would be great to have some photos to display on this blog post, perhaps with a link to wherever you’re selling the cards? Just pop a rob@ in front of my domain name, to email me. Thanks!

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